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Lecturer :

Henri Benisty

Teaching staff :
Elise Bailly
Eirini Papagiannouli
Arnaud Dubois
Taleb Hussein
Journet Romaric
Benjamin Vest

Level : Graduate

Course Language : French

Term : Winter & Spring

Number of hours : 51

ECTS Credits : 5
0103 Physical Optics
Teaching site :


Two-wave interferences
Interference Conditions : introduction to spatial and temporal coherence.
Spatial separation interferometers.
Luminance (beam) separation interferometers : localisation surface, Michelson interferometer, Twyman Green variant, Mach-Zehnder.
Main light sources : coherence lengths (in relation with Fourier Transform spectroscopy)
Multiple wave interferences : Stationary waves and Lippmann color process ; Fabry-Pérot interferometers, applications to spectroscopy.

Huygens-Fresnel principle : formulation and analytical expression.
Fresnel vs. Fraunhofer diffraction regimes.
Coherent Illumination imaging, applications to filtering of spatial frequencies, Coherent modulation transfer function (CMTF)
Diffraction gratings, accessible orders, blaze & stigmatism.

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