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Responsables :

Nicolas Dubreuil
Sylvie Lebrun

Niveau : Graduate

Langue du cours : Anglais & Français

Période : Hiver & Printemps

Nombre d'heures : 21

Crédits ECTS : 2
0204 Nonlinear Optics - Optique Nonlinéaire
Ressources Pédagogiques :
Since the laser has been invented, optics opened a new dimension entering the nonlinear world with already numerous applications to light sources and optical processing of information. This course will introduce the students to this domain and enable them to fully master its innovative aspects.
It describes the physics of the nonlinear interaction between light and matter from a perturbation approach and shows its consequences on the propagation of optical waves. Its describes in detail the second and third order non linear effects rich in applications.

1. Introduction to non linear optics

2. Nonlinear Susceptibilities
- Field notations
- Nonlinear susceptibilities tensor : definition
- Properties of the nonlinear susceptibilities
- Contracted notation for the 2nd order nonlinear susceptibility
- Spatial symmetries

3. Nonlinear wave equation
Atomistic bases of Maxwell theory. Linear susceptibility, linear propagation. Non linear response and non linear susceptibility. Non linear
propagation equations.

3. Second order non linear effects
The Manley-Rowe relations. Second harmonic generation. Frequency mixing, Parametric amplification and oscillation.

4. Third order non linear effects
Introduction. 4 wave mixing and phase conjugation. The dynamic Kerr effect (optical bistability, self focusing, self phase modulation and soliton
propagation. Spontaneous and stimulated diffusions (Raman, Brillouin, Rayleigh and Rayleigh wing ) . Two photon absorption.

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