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Lecturer :

Mathieu Hébert

Teaching staff :
Pierre Chavel
Corinne Fournier

Level : Graduate

Course Language : French

Term : Winter & Spring

Number of hours : 25

ECTS Credits : 2
0250 Physical optics
Teaching site :
This course comes in addition to the Fourier Optics course and introduces modelling techniques for light propagation in Fourier Optics, at the same time serving as a field of application for practicing the simulation software Matlab.
The first part is composed of four exercice classes devoted to practicing Matlab on images and performing Fourier Optics operations on them: how to manipulate images on Matlab, propagation of a coherent wave in free space, thin lenses, Gabor holography.
The second part covers three important topics in physical optics beyond Fourier Optics, all offering important application and enlighting viewpoints for grasping light propagation phenomena: diffraction gratings, holography, and speckle.


Diffraction gratings.
Principles of holography.
Practice of Fourier Optics in an arbitrary imaging system.
Basics of speckle
Numerical simulation in Fourier Optics.

Requirements : Deterministic signals (1st year) Physical Optics (1st year) Stochastic signals (1st year) Fourier Optics (2nd year)

Evaluation mechanism : Set of Matlab exercices (4 during the exercice classes, to be handed at the end of the lecture, and 1 as a final exam, bo be handed at the end of October 2015)

Last Modification : Sunday 4 October 2015

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