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Lecturer :

Thierry Lépine

Level : Graduate

Course Language : French

Term : Winter & Spring

Number of hours : 90

ECTS Credits : 9
0254 Optical design (Saint-Etienne)
Teaching site :
This course is an introduction to the design of optical systems (it continues in the third year at a more advanced level). It is intended for engineers so it is very practical. The goal is to be able to design simple optical systems.

During the first semester, this course presents the theory of geometric aberrations in the formalism of Seidel and at 3rd order, for optical systems with rotational symmetry. The fifth order is also discussed. The coefficients Wijk from Hopkins, which are used in the softwares, are présented. We also study chromatic aberrations, Zernike polynomials, and the Modulation Transfer Function.
In the second semester, we learn to use the Zemax/OpticStudio software to design and optimize imaging optical systems : telescopes (Newton, Cassegrain), doublet (with which we learn tolerancing), Cooke triplet. The aberrations due to decentered and/or tilted elements are studied in a simple case. At the end, we present how to analyse stray light in an astronomical telescope.

Requirements : Geometrical optics, physical optics

Evaluation mechanism : First semester : an intermediate exam (1 h) and a final exam (2 h), Second semester : a project (3 h + mini-report), 2 labworks

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