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Lecturer :

Philippe Lalanne

Research center

Level : Graduate

Course Language : French

Term : Winter & Spring

Number of hours : 18

ECTS Credits : 3
0309 Optics of nanostructured materials
Teaching site :
Outline (M2 course Ph. Lalanne)

I Introduction (1H-Ph. Lalanne)
From Scalar theory to Homogeneisation (see the slides)

II Modes de Bloch des milieux périodiques (2H - Ph. Lalanne)
1/Thin film stack: effective index
Effective index concept
Gap opening
2/ Periodic thin-film stacks with small periods
Static limit of 1D periodic structures
Taylor expansion for small periods
3/ The photonic bandgap
Bandgap opening
Penetration depth
Structural slow light (see the slides)
Multi-dimension Bragg mirrors
4/ Bloch modes of real photonic structures with finite lengths

A. Yariv and P. Yeh, Optical waves in crystals, J. Wiley and Sons eds., New York, 1984 OR P. Yeh, Optical waves in layered media, J. Wiley and Sons eds., New York, 1988.

III Artificial dielectrics (3H-Ph. Lalanne)
1/ Homogeneisation of subwavelength gratings
2/ Form birefringence
3/ Wire grid polarizer
Homogeneisation of metal slits (skin depth)
The extraordinary optical transmission (see the document A new look at grating theories through the extraordinary optical transmission phenomenon to be published as a book chapter)
Surface plasmons
4/ Antireflection coats with artificial dielectrics
5/ Diffractive optical elements
Joined document on Artificial Media Optical Properties-Subwavelength Scale taken from the Encyclopedia of Optical Engineering (Marcel Dekker ed.)

IV Metamaterials (3H-Ph. Lalanne)
1/ Historical perspective
2/ Veselago’s flat lens
3/ Negative index materials at microwave frequencies
4/ Effective parameters
5/ Negative index materials at optical frequencies
6/ The perfect lens
7/ Super-resolution with metamaterials
L. Solymar and E. Shamoniva, Waves in metamaterials, (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2009).

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