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Lecturer :

Fabien Bretenaker

Teaching staff :
Marc Hanna
Frédéric Druon

Level : Graduate

Course Language : French

Term : Winter & Spring

Number of hours : 36

ECTS Credits : 3
0321 Laser Physics
Teaching site :
The course starts with a semi-classical description of light-matter interaction, and establishes Maxwell-Bloch equations. The rate equation approximation is used to provide operational principles of the single frequency laser. Starting from this description, transition broadening mechanisms, dynamical regimes, and noise properties of lasers are described. The spatial aspects are then examined, using paraxial transfer matrices to describe cavity stability and beam propagation. Finally, ultrafast lasers using mode-locking are studied along with related subjects such as the propagation and characterization of femtosecond pulses and attosecond pulses generation.

1. Matter-light interaction; Equation of the single-frequency laser
2. Single frequency laser in steady-state regime
3. Inhomogeneous line broadening
4. Transient and Q-switched operation
5. Noise properties of lasers
6. Optical resonators: ray matrices, Gaussian beams, cavity stability
7. Mode-locking and ultrashort pulses

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