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Lecturers :

David Clément
Vincent Josse

Level : Graduate

Course Language : English

Term : Fall

Number of hours : 30

ECTS Credits : 3
0324 Statistical Optics
Teaching site :
This course is taught in english. It covers the following subjects:
Introduction to statistical tools to treat light disturbances.
Definition of temporal and spatial coherence of light sources with a statistical approach.
Description of the speckle phenomenon (mainly Fourier speckle) and its manifestations.

Outline of the course:
- Reminder on coherent and incoherent imaging (impulse response functions, transfer functions) (1 lecture)
-Introduction to statistical optics (1 lecture)
-Temporal and spatial coherence of optical waves (3 lectures)
-Speckle phenomenon and applications through seminars on current research topics (4 lectures)
-Photo-detection (1 lecture)

Requirements : Fresnel and Fraunhoffer diffraction theory - Application of diffraction theory to simple imaging systems - Fourier filtering - Basic mathematics on random variables see for example : Fourier Optics section of the Wave Optics course in M1

Evaluation mechanism : Final written exam (duration 3 hours) in december.

Last Modification : Sunday 10 November 2013

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