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Lecturer :

Rémi Carminati

Level : Graduate

Course Language : French

Term : Winter & Spring

Number of hours : 0
0330 Optique des Milieux Complexes
Teaching site :

Module : Scientific education Hours : 15,0 h

Person in charge : Mr Rémi CARMINATI
Method of evaluation : Examen écrit

Light scattering in complex media prevents the use of standard imaging techniques (conventional microscopy). Nevertheless, “seeing through scattering
media” is a major challenge in various areas, such as biomedical imaging, soft matter, or the characterization of paints. Original approaches have been
developed in the past twenty years, leading to novel imaging systems for the detection of objects and the imaging of turbid media in the multiple
scattering regime.
The lecture introduces the basic physical concepts for the understanding of wave propagation in disordered scattering media, as well as modern
imaging techniques dedicated to the investigation of such complex media.

Course structure
Light scattering by particles (3h)
Scattering, cross-sections, optical theorem
Dipole approximation. Polarizability
Particular cases (Rayleigh scattering, Mie scattering, large particles)
Multiple scattering (3h)
Extinction by a cloud of particles
Ballistc and diffuse intensity. Averaged field and fluctuations. Length scales
Homogenization (example)
Transport models in multiple scattering (3h)
Radiative transfer equation. Two fluxes approximation.
Diffusion approximation. Radiative conductance
Examples – applications (imaging)
Speckle (3h)
Intensity statistics (Rayleigh). Random phasor sum model
Second order statistics (spatial and angular correlations)
Dynamic light scattering (single and multiple scattering)
Examples – applications (imaging, soft matter)
Imaging techniques in strongly scattering media (3h)
Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
Multiwave approaches (acousto-optics, photo-acoustics)
Molecular imaging (fluorescence)

Lecture notes

Scattering and absorption of light by small particles, Bohren et Huffman, J. Wiley, 1981
Light scattering by small particles, H. van de Hulst, Dover 1981

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