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Responsable :

Mathieu Hébert

Niveau : Graduate

Langue du cours : Anglais

Période : Automne

Nombre d'heures : 12
0362 Color reproduction
Ressources Pédagogiques :
The targetted skills of this course are:
- Mastering the radiometric concepts and the way they can be measured.
- Recognising the different optical phenomena underlying the visual appearance of objects (absorption, reflection by interfaces, surface or volume scattering, propagation of light in stratified media).
- Predicting the evolution of color as a function of varying parameters such as: refractive indices, dye or pigment concentration, surface topology, layer thickness…
- Handling concepts related to printing, such as image dithering and printing resolution, determining the resolution limit for a given printing system
- Knowing the main printing systems and their capacities
- Having understood the principle of the prediction models, and knowing the main steps to carry out color prediction,

The appearance of objects comes from the interpretation by the human observer of the light signal reflected by (or transmitted through) the object in its lighting environment. The aim of this course is to introduce some of the main optical phenomenas underlying the visual apparence of colored surfaces (i.e. surfaces on which a coloration process as been applied, such as painting, coating, printing…) and to learn how the appearance can be scientifically assessed, physically measured, and/or predicted by taking into account the physical parameters of the coloration process and of the materials, the geometry of the illumination and observation systems.

Niveau requis : Notions de photométrie et de colorimétrie

Modalités d'évaluation : Projet

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