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Lecturer :

Xavier Granier

Teaching staff :
Romain Pacanowski

Level : Graduate

Course Language : French

Term : Fall

Number of hours : 0
0274 Aspect Models and Characterization
Teaching site :
The goal of this course is to define the concepts of color, the properties of surfaces and diffusing media. For this, it introduces the following concepts:
(i) color spaces and non-bijective relationship between spectrum and color
(ii) the reflective properties
(iii) Devices et numerical tools for the characterization of the upper properties

Color, materials, appearance
color representations and reproductions: physical phenomena, psycho-physiological phenomena, colorimetry, color systems, calibration.
High Dynamic Range imaging (HDR)
Properties of surfaces and media, characterization methods (eg BRDF, ellipsometry, ...)

Requirements : radiometric quantities

Last Modification : Wednesday 9 October 2013

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