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Responsable :

Arnaud Dubois

Niveau : Graduate

Langue du cours : Anglais

Période : Hiver & Printemps

Nombre d'heures : 30

Crédits ECTS : 3
0225 Electrodynamics
Ressources Pédagogiques :


This course starts from the electrodynamics of continuous materials, and from there, capacitive and inductive structures, antennas, wave guides and lines are studied. By further assembling these structures, meta materials are considered.


1. Electromagnetic fields:
the Helmoltz, Green and Stokes theorems. Poynting theorem. Active and reactive power.
2. Conducting media:
Free charges, Ohm and Fick law. Charges relaxation. Currents diffusion.
3. Dielectric media:
Dielectric dipoles, polarization, susceptibility and permittivity. Interfacial, ionic and electronic polarization.
4. Magnetic media:
Magnetic dipoles; magnetization, susceptibility and permeability.
5. Capacitive and inductive structures:
Capacitive and inductive structures, capacity and inductance matrices.
Reciprocity theorem, Foster and Slater theorems.
6. Propagative structures:
Theory of transmission lines and wave guides.
7. Radiative structures:
Elements of the antenna theory : gain and impedance. Capacitive and inductive antennas.
8. Meta-materials:
Passive synthesis of impedance. Propagation in periodic media. Meta-materials

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