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Annick Manco

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Nathalie Westbrook
Kenza Cherkaoui
Renata Lebbé
Patricia Landry Sellier
Margaret Pauquet
Alexia De Groulard
Gareth Jones

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2e année
Fiche descriptive de cours :
These documents should help you with self -study and language work.
They are by themes and will be referred to in class.

Composition Partie Pédagogique :

Slides shown in class (12-13-14 nov) + additional slides to help you write for science (with references)
This is to help you avoid some of the most frequent mistakes in syntax, where it differs widely from French
The richness of vocabulary in English means that there are often pairs of words that can easily be confused. French does not help, as you often find faux amis interfere with correct usage.....
How to avoid frequent mistakes
This is the third part of a series to help you make subtle but meaningful distinctions
Considérations sur la relation entre le français et l'anglais et la façon de l'aborder en pédagogie. Comprendre la polysémie, importante dans toutes les langues.
This is to help you in drafting; when translating from French to English, avoid translating literally
This gives you a colour code to make sense of the different forms (active / passive, or form with BE+ ING) and to recognize the role of the various auxiliaries. Examples are given on the right.
This is to help you navigate in an area where French and English vary in their grammatical logic
These are considerations which all project engineers should have in mind, particular attention should be paid to the recommendations at the end.
Some of these considerations are useful for anyone having to write in formal English
Corrigé - cet exercice suit le format de "part V" du Toeic, pour vous familiariser avec celui ci.
This follows the format of the TOEIC PART V, and reflects what we did in class
This is a brief presentation to remind you of the main points, in an international context.
This is to help you have a more " soft-skills" sensitive attitude to job hunting abroad.
This should give you ideas to enrich the content of your applications; there are no recipes, and you should work out an individual strategy
This is a check list, for you to remember main points as you write your cover letters
This gives you some language tips to improve your letters, in view of frequent mistakes.
This is a brief introduction to the question of what lies behind words like " Elizabethan", or "Victorian" - some inklings are given about the period and its culture
This is to consolidate what was done in class
This is to complete what was said in class
Management and leadership: some considerations, with a real example and verbatim from R&D teams

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