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Rosa Tualle Brouri
Charlene Joly

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This programme provides a strong education towards the physics of light-matter interactions, with a thorough grounding of all its branches in both theoretical and experimental aspects. The main topics treated in this master course programme are:
• Optics and Photonics : electromagnetism, nanophotonics, nonlinear optics, quantum optics …
• Laser physics: short pulses, high peak-power…
• Optical properties of matter : solids, atoms, molecules, nanoparticules, plasmas
• Light-matter interactions : cold atoms, atom optics, BEC,…
• Interdisciplinary topics linking optics with physics, mathematics, biology, computer science, engineering…

The first semester of the second year (M2) of the Master’s Programme is made up of elective courses dedicated to advanced fields in:
• Laser Physics
• Nonlinear Electromagnetism
• Molecular Quantum Physics
• Optical Properties of Matter
• Light Matter Interaction
• Controlling the propagation of the Electromagnetic waves

The second semester is mainly devoted to the master thesis, which is conducted during a 4-month internship in an academic laboratory or in a Research & Development Centre in a company. It may be undertaken abroad.

The award of the master’s degree requires the completion of 60 ECTS during the second year.

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