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Philippe Lalanne

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Christophe Sauvan
Nicolas Dubreuil

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Notes de cours
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Class notes (in English)

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To describe optical radiation and propagation in waveguides, it is mostly sufficient to adopt the wave picture. This allows us to use classical field theory based on Maxwell’s equations. This section summarizes the fundamentals of electromagnetic theory forming the necessary basis for the course.
In this chapter, the concept of optical modes in a waveguide structure is discussed qualitatively, and key results of waveguide theory are presented with minimal proof to give the reader a general understanding of the nature of light propagation in an optical waveguide.
In this chapter, the electromagnetic wave theory of the physical-optic approach is developed in detail. Emphasis is placed on the two basic waveguide geometries that are used most often in optical integrated circuits, the planar waveguide and the rectangular waveguide.
In this Chapter, we develop the Coupled Modes Theory that describes light propagation in a perturbed waveguide.

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