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Henri Benisty

Equipe Pédagogique :
Guang-Hua Duan
Béatrice Dagens
Alfredo De Rossi
Daniel Dolfi

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Fonction et Intégration Photonique
Fiche descriptive de cours :
This page will be updated during the forthcoming weeks of January 2021.
It corresponds to the 2017 content unless otherwise noted.
(Courses of H Benisty from week 1 + Courses of B. Dagens 1-6 + Course of A De Rossi (ongoing)

Composition Partie Pédagogique :

(2slides per page --> 41 pages) Basics of electron and semiconductors Basics of waveguiding Basics of coupling

Laser diode QW, SCH, DFB, VCSEL, and QD lasers

version 1 page/1 slide (ca. 200 p)
Modulators (2012 version), Emerging trends
Photodetectors (2012 version), Emerging trends

Long file (6.6 Mo 159 slides) (c) Alfredo De Rossi, Thales TRT.
as of Feb 7th 2019... (reduced to 7 Mo)

Deux slides par page
Deux slides par page
Deux slides par page

Your Comments were asked about the three 2017 papers below, about 5 -7 questions per paper, related to the courses and to the paper itself...
This paper describes the parametric exploration of a SCH MQW laser diode. Only Figs 1,2,3,6 8 are to be understood well. Questions on this paper are related to the courses of H Benisty and B Dagens.
This article describes a device with 4 selectable light sources combined in a single output, and uses the SAG technique to get the different sources...
All-optical signal processing at 10GHz using a photonic crystal molecule (APL, 2013)

Same principle as 2017Example. The papers can be made available on demand. However, it is rather the kind of questioning that should guide your critical reading of the 2019 papers, not the content of the 2018 papers !
Fichier 2 Mo et 70 slides, 2 par page
Fichier 2,5 Mo...

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